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Make Learning fun again.

Learning should be a social activity, not a lonely one. Redefine how your people learn and what it means to be engaged.




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Everyone can learn something new.

Everyone can teach something they know.

Everyone can stimulate a culture of learning.


Learners can sign up and start learning in just 60 seconds.


All the tools to meet your organisation’s learning needs.


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All the content you want to see and your latest progress. See who’s top of the table and climb the ladder. View what’s trending via colleagues and what we think you’ll dig. Targeted learning campaigns to groups with prizes up for grabs. Challenge accepted! Be known as an expert or get help from someone who is.


Don’t just take our word for it, ask our Clients.

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Deakin University
“Westpac is using Social Learning to redefine how their employees engage with online content.” -Tom Richardson
“We are delighted with the results. Janison are great to work with and are really leading innovation in this space.” -Eric Jamieson, NSW Department of Education
“We wanted something that could be accessed by anyone and that also had a very modern, flexible interface. Janison was chosen on this basis. Working with Janison has enabled us to offer a really streamlined, tailored end-user experience.” -Wendy Palmer, DeakinPrime


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