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Our Process

Buying an LMS does not guarantee you’ll meet your business objectives. The real art is in creating a solution that actually works; that fits your culture, engages your people and delivers tangible business outcomes. The e-learning industry is littered with unmet expectations and “white elephants” which struggle to demonstrate ROI. So what should you look for in a provider?

At Janison, we know the keys to getting it right, and we’ll ensure our platform delivers on all fronts. We are a team of specialists who understand business strategy, and how learning and technology fit. We know it’s what happens after your learning solution is launched that really counts.

Our five-phase approach will guide you through the process of embedding a custom learning solution as we work with you every step of the way. And while it’s a proven model, every implementation is different, because doing it right isn’t an off-the-shelf production line.



We will take the time to understand your business strategy and how learning can help make you better and different. We’ll ensure buy in and will challenge you to get the right people on board. We’ll make sure that your plan is clear, that your people are aligned and your numbers stack up. We will ensure the foundation is secure before we create a learning solution for your business.



This is where we will get creative. We’ll curate the best content for your business priorities and we’ll use the right technology to build something that will deliver and will make you proud. We’ll ensure it is available anywhere, anytime and on any device and will integrate into your existing environment. Not only will it work well, it will look just the way you want it to.



This has to be right. We’ll make sure that that you know exactly what you are doing, now and in the months to come.  With many launches behind us we will make you look good and get your program off on the right foot. First impressions count.



This is where rubber hits the road. We’ll help you to drive the program into the hearts and minds of your people at all levels, and align to your business calendar. We will adapt and flex with your business needs. Business doesn’t stand still, and neither can you or we.



It’s always about the numbers. We’ll hold each other to account. We started the journey together and we’ll stay together, reflecting and improving as we go. We will stand shoulder-to-shoulder to demonstrate ROI and celebrate in the success.



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