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"Westpac Group are revolutionising the way employees learn, bringing true self-directed learning to life and helping our people to prosper and grow in a way that truly matches the needs of the 21st century."

When Westpac was looking for a new way to upskill their employees, they didn’t want a ‘traditional LMS’. Let’s face it – the word LMS has some baggage attached to it. Without a solid plan of how to properly engage learners, course completion rates can be low, and ROI difficult to achieve. Westpac wanted something they hadn’t seen before. Janison rose up to the challenge, and are paving a new wave of corporate learning.

The project was centered around a ‘learn, teach, share’ model. World-class content from CrossKnowledge, focusing on leadership, management, and digital literacy, was curated into learning arcs. Learners could browse many items and ‘pull’ or self-direct, their own learning. After users had learnt things, they could teach others, with the top learners being recognised as experts. Everyone could share what they were up to, helping to reinforce a culture of lifelong learning.

Challenges were developed as a way of ‘pushing’ learning out to employees. Challenges are akin to campaigns; marketing specific learning content to a target group of people. There are specific learning objectives that can be measured, with rewards attainable at the end for completions. These range from bonus point pools to jump up the leaderboard rankings, to physical rewards such as vouchers and even an Apple Watch!

Integrating deeply with the corporate communication tool Yammer, learning at Westpac has never been more social.

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