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The Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) MoneySmart Teaching initiative came from a Federal Government commitment to improve the consumer and financial literacy of school-aged kids across Australia. MoneySmart Teaching Online was then developed as a resource to help teachers to improve their knowledge and skills about how kids interpret and learn about money matters. Janison worked closely with ASIC to design and build their MoneySmart Teaching Online program, which now provides educators with the knowledge, skills, strategies and teaching materials to confidently teach consumer and financial literacy.

MoneySmart Teaching Online currently comprises two modules, one for primary and one for secondary educators. The modules are free and were designed to provide interactive professional learning including featuring expert interviews, case studies in schools and true-to-life scenarios.

MoneySmart Teaching Online was built using Janison’s Cloud Learning System (CLS) and makes use of simulations, interactive content where the learner chooses characters to follow through a number of scenarios, with different videos showing the outcome of the learner’s choices. Simulations are a fun way to see different content, and in this case, different characters and their stories. This has been very popular with users.

For Australian school educators, MoneySmart Teaching Online is recognised as being worth 7.5 hours of Continuing Professional Development. Educators who complete the formal elements of this program will receive a Certificate of Completion which, once endorsed by their School Principal, can be submitted to the relevant state or territory authority and may count towards meeting the professional learning requirements for teacher registration and renewal.

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Q&A with Lisa Wait (Senior Financial Literacy Educator) and Linda Stannard (Digital Resources Quality Co-ordinator), ASIC MoneySmart Teaching


Project background?

Initially we were looking for a system to cater for an education audience, that was easy-to-use and that was also very commercially focused. After a very rigorous tender process, we felt that the Janison system met those requirements and had the breadth of experience in Education that would suit our needs best.

What were your key objectives?

Our main objective was to provide an online system that all teachers across Australia could access and especially for those teachers and community educators in rural and remote areas who couldn’t access face-to-face training. It was primarily an access and equity issue.

How did the project go? What have the main benefits been?

We’re really happy with what we’ve achieved with Janison. The system design is really appealing and so user-friendly and we’re delighted with the course content. Janison managed the whole process from end-to-end, including system development, course content development and design.
From a technology perspective, the project ran fairly smoothly. We wanted to provide online modules that can be accessed in schools across Australia. We needed to know that our requirements could be met. The system is externally hosted and not integrated to any internal systems which has made life easier.

As far as usability, we wanted a system that we could maintain in-house and using our learning experience, we could develop and maintain on our own. We’re not multimedia developers but with the Janison system, we don’t need to be.

What’s next for MoneySmart Teaching Online?

We’re really excited about seeing the system used more over the coming months. Our goal is to train 24,000 teachers across Australia over the next four years. We’re currently in the process of training our own project officers so that they can demonstrate the online modules. The flexibility of the system means that we’re also looking at developing a one hour introductory module. The current module is 7.5 hours.

We’re also in the process of developing a program with Universities that will be suited to pre-service teachers. This is a really exciting development. We’re able to look at expanding our courses and the content because the system is so flexible and easy-to-use.

What are the key benefits now that the system is live?

We’re now creating and building our own course modules from scratch and I am, personally, finding it really easy to do. We are able to customise the modules really easily. I find the reporting really useful and simple to use too. We’re able to export into Excel and manipulate the data from there. It makes our jobs a lot easier and the response we’ve had so far has been really positive.

How has the service been?

The team at Janison has been really helpful, with the help desk team providing one-on-one support whenever we’ve needed it. So we’re happy that we’re getting the support we need.

How would you sum up your experience working with Janison?

The development and implementation project went really smoothly from our perspective. It was a busy project including script development, content build and graphic work and we’re really pleased with the outcome. We’ve worked well together and we appreciate the support since it has gone live too. The service has been excellent. We’re really happy.

Why is financial literacy so important for kids?

There are lots of reasons – registering and completing the modules will show you many, or you can watch this video to get a quick introduction.

Who can use it?

Anyone is welcome to register and use MoneySmart Teaching Online. You can register by clicking here.



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