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Assessment for the 21st century

Since 1998, Janison has been a leading developer of online platforms for high-stakes assessment. Utilising the latest cloud-hosting technologies, we specialise in providing innovative, highly scalable and secure applications built to meet the assessment requirements of our clients now and for the future. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who have been building online assessment systems together for a number of years and have delivered on a range of highly successful assessments in Australia, Europe, the US and Asia.

Janison’s online Assessment platform provides the technology and scalable services to eliminate paper-based exams and assessments and time-consuming manual processes to mark and complete the assessments. It supports an integrated suite of questions, videos and animations making assessment more interactive and collaborative.

Benefits of Online Exams

No more hand-writing lengthy texts

Even though students rarely write lengthy texts by hand under normal circumstances, they are still expected to perform such a task when they reach a most critical time in their education, a final assessment.

This creates additional stress for students and puts them at a disadvantage. With Janison’s CLS this need no longer be the case.

A more engaging experience

Janison’s CLS offers a much more engaging and richer experience for students. Stimuli such as animation, audio and video can be added easily to questions to help provide additional context.

Editable responses New ways of answering a question can be included. A student’s answer can be a recording of their engagement with an on-screen interaction, rather than a stream of text or numbers.
Record engagement, not just answers Students are able to use the same tools and techniques they use every day when creating text. This means that they will be able to edit and format content as they type their responses.
Enables student collaboration

New research in learning and 21st century skills has identified collaboration as an essential area that students should develop and be
assessed against.

Janison’s CLS enables students to work together to complete assessment tasks collaboratively, a method that they’re using day-to-day in the classroom.

Measure collaborative activities Teachers can now easily measure the resulting activity in terms of not only the student’s knowledge but their ability to work together to solve a problem.
Easier marking process Where text responses require marking, Janison’s CLS can improve and streamline the management of the marking process. Assessments can be automatically marked by collecting all of the student responses using constrained answer options.
Reduced time and costs The costs and time for marking are significantly reduced.
Data analysis to help improve future assessments Janison’s CLS generates significant data that can be analysed and used to improve and guide the creation of more effective assessments in the future.
Support and training We’re here to help you get the most out of your solution. Our Customer Services team are based at our Headquarters in Australia and are all experts on our systems. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our Online Help then give us a call. We’re here to support you.



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